Thursday, December 15, 2016

Idol for lyf

 Okay, I have this one person that I always pay attention to. He's so fudging cute! (cursing T0T) So let's get to the point, I do like him! Like a lot! But, I only liked him as my idol, so, it doesn't mean that I have feelings for him. 
His face is too cute to be real! My face goes red everytime I near him ( literary like a tomato). And his actions are so funny. He's all goofy. And I kinda know him then. When I'm still a new student in my school, about 2 years ago I think, I join a club that is meant for counseling. And guess what, he join it too! But that's 2 years ago, I hope I do know him better that time T0T.  

(This note is just for those who know korean things well, the description of his face:

  1. He looks like Chanyeol, EXO
  2. He acts goofy like Kwangsoo, Running Man 
  That is why I have a name specially made for him, I called him KWANG-YEOL) 

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